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Update Wednesday 6 May

$250 Million Cleaning Stimulus Package

A $250 million cleaners’ package will improve the cleaning of public facilities including NSW transport, schools and TAFE while supporting an additional 3000 full-time cleaners by the end of June 2020.

Job opportunities have been created for cleaners, increasing the hours of existing cleaners and redeploying cleaners who would otherwise have lost jobs due to the temporary closure of some public facilities.

Supplementary contracts available to cleaning businesses include:

  • general cleaning in low-risk areas

  • enhanced cleaning for COVID-19 risk reduction

  • environment cleaning of facilities after a suspected COVID-19 diagnosis and cleaning auditing services.

Prequalification Types

Registered service provider

Prequalified to provide lower risk cleaning services up to a value of $100,000 (excluding GST).

You will be required to agree to the Scheme Conditions, including Schedule of Rates and Head Agreement.

You will need to provide evidence of relevant capability, experience and insurances.

Certified service provider

Prequalified to provide lower and higher risk cleaning services (value unlimited).

You will be required to agree to the Scheme Conditions, including Schedule of Rates and Head Agreement.

You will need to provide evidence of relevant capability, experience, insurances and certified management systems. For information on the stimulus package, or to register your cleaning business, click on the link below.

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Big 4 Banks establish JobKeeper Hotline

One of the main concerns for employers wanting to enrol for the JobKeeper Scheme is that they have to make the $1,500 payments to employees before they are eligible to receive the JobKeeper Payment. For many employers, this is simply impossible.

Yesterday, the Treasurer (Josh Frydenberg) spoke with the ‘Big 4’ banks and they have agreed to establish dedicated Hotlines for employers to call in relation to accessing bridging finance.

Those Hotline numbers are:

Westpac - 1300 731 073

NAB. - 1800 562 533 (1800 JOBKEEPER)

CBA. - 13 26 07

ANZ - 1800 571 123

Source and credit: NTAA

How to successfully pivot your business

When considering a pivot strategy the first thing is to reevaluate your business plan and set an action plan.

While our economy is down, Australian retailers have a chance to reevaluate how they manage and market their business. In 2015, e-commerce was 5.9 % of all Australian retail sales. By 2019, this had increased to 7.2%. Given worldwide trends and people staying indoors for the next foreseeable future, that number is most likely about to boom.

Click-and-collect models, marketplace proliferations, buy-now-pay-later options and increased availability of faster payments and delivery choices will fuel the next surge of online expansion and help restore revenue for Australian retailers.

Adapt and overcome. It’s the only way businesses can come out of this on top.

Change your system. Not your vision.

Read more about Goldeluck's Donuts and how their pivot strategy saw an increase in online sales by 1,400 % in April 2020.

Source and credit: & Inside Retail

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