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3, 2, 1...Xero

Taking care of your business from the ground level using online Accounting Packages such as Xero often has Business Owners feeling anxious about their record keeping skills. We all have our strengths, and whilst one person is quite comfortable with new and improved ways of doing things, it can instil fear in another.

As a Business Owner, there are many administrative processes that can’t be avoided, so finding the time to do it properly can become a strain on your resources.

The beauty of using Xero to manage your business is that we can automate as much of the process as possible to minimise both your time and effort. At WD Nicholls Chartered Accountants, we offer Xero set up, training and assistance to our clients to enable them to keep on top of the Australian Taxation Office’s (and other regulatory bodies') requirements, and to make timely decisions about their business performance.

Bookkeeping can be anything from providing us with a box full of receipts, to just a quarterly review for the purposes of completing a Business Activity Statement. It all comes down to what you have time to do and are comfortable with, and the level of interest in managing the finances of your business.

I have received comments from clients regarding using an accounting program such as; ‘What if I break it?’, and ‘I’m no good at this sort of thing’. The beauty of Xero is that with a little bit of training, and backup from the team at WD Nicholls Chartered Accountants, you can take care of your business at ground level.

And guess what – you can’t break it!

To speak to one of our professional team please call (02) 6684 2502 or visit our website to learn more about what we do and how we can help you reach higher.

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