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All Play and a Little bit of Work

How good does that sound? Life is not all about work….where is the fun in that. Finding that balance of work, family and personal time in our lives sometimes feels like a mission impossible.

We all get caught up in our daily routines and life just passes us by. Taking the time to do something for yourself is just as important as doing your job. At a recent Woman’s Golf Northern Rivers 3 Day tournament, played at Ocean Shores for 2 days and Mullumbimby for 1 day, I had the privilege of meeting and playing with some lovely ladies from up and down the North Coast.

The weather was beautiful for the first two days, but then the cold winds picked up and caused havoc for everyone. As if golf is not already challenging enough!! On the last day I had to get a photo of myself and my partner Liz Parks, (who definitely had sore shoulders after carrying me), in front of the WD Nicholls sponsored Hole In One sign on the 9th Tee at Mullumbimby Golf Club.

I may have cheekily emailed this picture to the office on the day so all the staff could see how much fun I was having!!

A great 3 days with plenty of laughter and good golf.


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