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ATO waves a Red flag on holiday rentals

The ATO has reminded taxpayers that it is paying attention to rental properties in popular holiday destinations.

Rental property owners should follow a few simple rules ……

  • Declare your Rental Income.

  • Only claim deductions for the period the property was available for rent.

  • Keep accurate records and rent at market rates.

  • Advertise to maximise exposure to potential tenants, and keep the property clean & maintained in a reasonable condition.

Investors who purchase plant & equipment for their residential INVESTMENT PROPERTY after 9 May, 2017 will be able to claim a deduction over the effective life of the asset.

Subsequent Owners will be unable to claim a deduction for plant & equipment purchased by a previous owner – such as dishwashers, carpets & ceiling fans.

The acquisition of existing plant & equipment will be reflected in the Cost Base for Capital Gains Tax purposes for subsequent investors.

From 1 July, 2017 the ATO will disallow deductions for travel expenses related to inspecting, maintaining or collecting rent for a Rental property. This measure will not prevent Investors from claiming a deduction for costs incurred in engaging third parties, such as real estate agents, for property management services.

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